What to Expect

This is sure to be an experience that you will never forget and one that will take you through so many emotions. We are so honored to be a part of your transformation. You will arrive at the studio on the day of your session full of nerves and doubt. Some of that begins to fade as Jenny starts on hair and makeup. We will chat about the session & life, take a look at your outfit choices and answer any final questions while Jenny does her thing, Once Jenny has worked her magic highlighting your beautiful features it’s go time! You will hear the tunes of your favorite bands playing just for you, as we decide what outfit you feel the most comfortable in to give you time to settle in. We will laugh as we stumble through poses, because I am terrible at giving directions and I just have to show you! Before you know it you will be completely relaxed and flowing into your poses. After the shooting is done it’s we will take a 1 hour break to cull your images and prepare your presentation. During that time you a free to leave and grab a bit to eat, have some coffee or go conquer the world because you will feel like you can! The reveal is where the real magic happens. The first time you see your images they will be completely unedited, and I will have to remind you at some point that they are because you will likely forget. This by far my favorite part, love to hear “I’m so hot!” over and over. A slideshow is presented first then we tackle going through each image to decide the ones you want to purchase because you simply can’t live without them. Boudoir Photography is amazing in so many ways, but let me tell you my favorite thing about it! I love and absolutely will never tire of seeing women transform in front of my camera. You walk in a ball a nerves and thinking about making a last minute dash and by the end you are hugging me and thanking me for giving a piece of you back. It doesn’t end there though. The affect of the day is lasting and you will have a beautiful pieces of art to remember it by always. It’s not about having sexy portraits to gift someone. That is just one of the perks. It’s about so much more, it’s about seeing the beauty of YOU!  
Did I have the extra money on hand to pay for them? NOPE! But dammit I’m glad I invested! Because that’s exactly what this was.. an INVESTMENT! Seeing myself in a new light, in a new perception, was GOLD. So worth it. Your work is incredible. You have a gift. A gift that keeps on giving. So what did I take away from this experience? Screw everyone else’s opinion. I am 100% okay with who I am. So thanks for that.