Love Letters..

I want to share my experience from today. After being married for 11 years and 2 kids later, the feeling of being sexy gets lost through the years. After being dolled up with hair and makeup, we got started. I felt so beautiful! And Melissa made me feel very comfortable. It felt like I have always know her. I was very relaxed and definitely enjoyed the experience. It was fun! I would recommend anyone to do it! The self confidence it gives you is amazing!!


I don't think there are enough words or appropriate words to describe how GREAT and AMAZING Missy is. From the moment you walk in you are greeted with a smile. Her hair and make up stylist , Jenny, is the best. She literally took an idea and created a masterpiece on my face.
At first I was very uncomfortable with the fact I was taking these pictures. I was embarrassed after having 3 kids. Missy took the reigns and walked me thru every single pose . She had great ideas and never once made me feel uncomfortable . She created art with my body and I can't thank her enough. The sneak peaks are amazing and I can't wait to see the finished product or my husband's face. I left Missy's studio with confidence that I was lacking and a new amazing friend. She literally kept a smile on my face the whole time I was there. I would def recommend her to anyone and I can't wait for my next session. - Brandee

I am in love with my series. I can’t describe how excited I was to shoot. Melissa and Jenny were amazing. I loved the whole experience!!!! I can’t even put into words how great everything was. - Izzy

I usually don't even take the time to write a review, but this time it deserves that and more. Never have I ever felt more comfortable in my own skin. This was worth every single penny and the hour drive! If you're on the fence about a boudoir shoot like I've been for years, SHE IS YOUR GIRL! So extremely sweet and talented, I felt like I've known her my whole life! The pictures were unedited when I saw them and were ALREADY everything I could have asked for and then some! Literally. She took her time, made sure I was comfortable and let me just do my thing! Definitely worth it times a million!
NOT TO MENTION, Jenny did my makeup spot on and I truly felt like a model 😍 - Brooke

I just want to start off by saying that I really enjoyed my session with you and thank you for working with me. I really love how you made me feel during the session because for once I actually felt good about myself and my body and I have never felt like that before. I have always suffered with being self-conscience but you helped me get through that and now I love every curve on my body lol. I would recommend every woman to book a session with you so they can feel that amazing feeling I felt and know that they are perfect in every way. Thank you again for this opportunity to work with you and to see things in a different way. Amanda G.

I picked up my pictures from Missy today and in 3 short weeks I forgot how amazing they were so I was surprised all over again. My husband loved them for his early Christmas gift and we can't wait to look at them for years to come. The makeup, hair, and photo shoot experience was so enjoyable. I've never felt so comfortable with a complete stranger in my life! Missy has found her calling 100%! - Lakon

There are not many times in my life where I have been terrified about something I was going to do or experience. As I started to see the boudoir images pop up on Missy's page, I knew it was something I had to do. Not just for my husband but for myself. I have always been very subconscious and critical of my body. I have 3 kids and my body shows that in more than one way. I was nervous and scared that I was going to be uncomfortable and feel awkward but I scheduled my session anyway. As the day got closer, I considered rescheduling because I wasn't tan, hadn't lost my belly, and was just generally feeling very frumpy. I am SO glad that I didn't. Missy has the most kind heart and amazing outlook on life. She made me feel completely comfortable and assured me the whole way through that I was going to be so happy. I can't express to you how amazing I felt after my session. I was so excited to see the images she took and see a side of myself that I didn't think existed. The pictures are gorgeous but the experience far exceeds that. Don't wait to schedule your session...there will never be a "right" time and even if you don't order your images, you will be so amazed by the experience and how confident it makes you feel. Love yourself and the skin that you are in!!

Thank you,
Brandi Ringo

I never thought a boudoir session was something I could be comfortable doing. It's intimidating to think about somone being able to capture what I see in the mirror on camera. The experience with Missy was absolutely amazing and I could not be more pleased with every single picture. I have never felt so sexy before and be able to see what my husband sees! She has such a talent to recognize and capture your beauty in every way. - Blaire A

So excited. Your work is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for making me feel beautiful. - Jessie

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