So what’s your excuse?

Boudoir photography can be scary stuff and make us feel all sorts of feelings that we are uncomfortable with. When we are asked to step out of your comfort zone we make excuses, it’s just human nature. My hope is that this will help you to see that you are not alone in this. You deserve to love yourself, just the way you are. You my friend, are ENOUGH!

“I don’t have time for a session”

Isn’t this how most women feel? We are so busy taking care of everyone else and their needs we forget about ourselves and what we need.

How long has it been since you had a day of pampering? When is the last time you did something to help boost your self-esteem or confidence? I’m guessing it’s been a long time.

Don’t glorify busy. We make time for what is important, often times we forget just how important we are. A vital part of being a mom, wife, employee, etc is self care. If we don’t take care of ourselves we will have nothing to give others.

So give yourself permission to do something just for you. Make time for you.

“I don’t have anyone to give this to”

Good news, it is not a requirement to give these to anyone. You do this for you!

Almost every client who schedules a session with the intent of gifting it to someone else quickly realizes that it is more of a gift to themselves than anyone else. Extra products are often ordered just so they don’t have to share!

“I have no self esteem / self confidence”

But you will when we are done with you! I know that feels like a far stretch. Like it is impossible for a set of portraits to take away years of negative self talk and hurtful words of others.

It is true, we can’t undo all of that in just a few hours,  however we can definitely help you to start seeing yourself in a new light.  The light that others see you in.

These sessions are so empowering. Something you have to experience to understand.

“I’m overweight / underweight / too old / too modest / not sexy / not pretty / scars / stretch marks/ etc ”

You name the imperfection or flaw and we have heard it used as a reason not to book a session. Just stop that now!

I believe that Boudoir Photography is for EVERY woman!

We are so hard on ourselves as women. We are not meant to all be the same. No one walks around looking like women do in magazines. This is real life and it’s time we embrace it.

Stop letting society tell you if you are worthy of love, attention, or smoking hot portraits! If you are on a journey to lose weight, get healthy, etc. that is inspiring. Make sure you are doing it from a place of self love and loving your body now, just as it is.

Don’t punish yourself daily because you don’t see in the mirror what you think you should. Let go of unrealistic goals and love yourself along the journey to being healthy, physically and emotionally.

“A boudoir session is an investment and I can’t spend that money right now“

It most definitely is an investment monetarily, but mostly in YOU! You are worth it and we want to help make it accessible to everyone. Our studio offers payment plans and we can discuss all those options with you. A few words from past clients who were also concerned about the investment.

“This is the “excuse” I struggled with the most. Right now I’ll tell you that there’s no price for renewed sexiness, rediscovering that you’re more beautiful than the voices in your head tell you that you are. And that having hard proof of all that in your hands to pull out when you need a boost is priceless.”
Rachel C.

“My biggest excuse was why should I spend this much money on myself, I could put it towards bills. Little did I know it was towards an amazing confidence boost for my self esteem”
Brittany B.

“$$$$s we’re my first concern! My second is how out of shape I’ve let myself get! But once I got there and we started all that disappeared! Because you make it feel so natural and beautiful!! I will admit viewing the photos was tough because we are our own worst critics! What I may find unappealing and unattractive, my husband may love about me!! And others might think I’m crazy for hating it!! I will say ladies start you a savings account and do this for yourself!! It’s worth the money spent!!”
Staci T.

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