Courtney S.

In her own words: 

“So I love to write little poems, and this one just came to me this morning while looking at my amazing pictures for the hundredth time! I hope you ladies enjoy!!” A woman is full of beauty, And it’s more than skin deep.  A woman can command a room Without even saying a peep.
Without makeup, Or dressed like a doll.  Both inside and out,  Her beauty says it all. A woman sees beauty in others, Even if it’s something we can’t see.  A woman lifts others up, And helps us become who we should be. Capturing a woman’s beauty… It seems easy as can be.  The hardest part, though, Is just making her see. Feel your beauty, And know your worth.  Do something for YOURSELF, For its you who rules this earth. Let your heart remain open, And keep that head held high.  It’s time to own your beauty.  Don’t let this time pass you by.
Strip off your clothes, And let your hair down.  Explore this new beauty  That you have just found.

A few of her favorites..