Bridget & Chance

This sweet couple made my job so easy! Their love, adoration and affection for each other was a beautiful thing to witness. She wanted to do the session to build her confidence, like so many women do. He wanted the opportunity to show her how beautiful, sexy and strong she is.  A few of the things he sees when he looks at her. They both wanted to please each other and have something physical to document their relationship. I think we did just that!

First we did a series of just Bridget, then Chance joined in to finish off this sweet, steamy session. They were encouraging and uplifting one another through the session, it made my heart melt. I’m so thankful they allowed me to be a part of such an intimate experience for the two of them! 

A few of their favorites..

This is one of the best things for a woman to do. As a husband when my wife presented this to me in a hint I was like what !!!! lol. But I read into it and asked question because my wife does not see the beauty I see in her as most woman don’t when it comes to there man. But after talking to Missy and asking question I felt so comfortable and we scheduled a interview. When we met I was blown away . It was more than I expected. Not only was the photo shoot amazing but my wife got to see how beautiful and sexy her body really is and I got to see a deeper beauty of her that I had over looked and it made me want to love her more. The couples shoot is amazing and I encourage all guys to do this with there wife to capture that beauty even more and I encourage all woman to do this for you , for confidence, self beauty, and strength.


I’ve have got to say this was definitely out of the tiny box I keep myself and my pj messy bun mom bod in!! I don’t regret it for one second!! Missy and Jenny are truly amazing! I started this journey with getting my feeling of self worth back and yet it turned into so much more! We decided to do a couples session as well, and even with a little hesitation because of nervousness, I couldn’t have been more pleased! So amazed with the whole experience and would absolutely do it again and again! Missy is truly the most talented photographer I’ve ever meet and has a way of making you feel like your right at home, all alone, in your sexy zone!! Don’t hesitate!! If you’re considering a shoot, JUST DO IT!! It is definitely an eye and soul opening experience! Thank you ladies for the opportunity to remind me I Am Beautiful!!


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