Yes, even YOU!

I get it, it’s scary to think about stripping down and getting in front of a stranger with a camera. It is totally out of your comfort zone and that is ok! You are a wife, girlfriend, single lady, mom, single mom, employer, employee, counselor, grocery shopper, maid and laundry fairy! None of the hats you wear say lingerie model.. am I right?!

That makes this even more exciting! Picture it, Sicily 1922.. just kidding #GoldenGirlsAreLife

But seriously, picture it…  a day just for you. Hair and makeup, great girl chat, an hour-ish flowing through outfits and poses while being instructed down to your toes, lunch, a breathtaking reveal of images and finally getting to choose the ones you just can’t live without and how you will display them, then walking out on cloud-freaking-nine ready to conquer the world! 

Need an excuse to justify it.. we’ve got the best one for you!  You ready for this?!!? It’s a good one! Drumroll please………. the #1 reason to do a session is… you have a BODY to celebrate!!!! Congrats girl!  You have what it takes to have jaw dropping, stunning images of you. Still feel like you need more.. well good thing you also have a birthday coming up! Seriously though, don’t ever think that you can’t do a session for some reason. Age, weight, relationship status, etc. does not pre-qualify anyone of being worthy of a session.

We can’t wait to see you soon! 



If you ever wanted to just take the plunge at something, definitely get with Missy! I have never been completely comfortable in my skin, but who has? I have stretch marks, my skin sags a little from baby weight loss, and I have a bad tattoo. I came out of my session a whole new person. Seeing myself through someone else’s eyes (photos) has made me see myself and other people differently. I really honestly couldn’t believe it was me! Jenny did a flawless job on my makeup and both ladies made me feel so comfortable (even naked!) LOL! I went in thinking to myself, when are you ever going to do this again? I did this for myself! Looking through the raw photos, i couldnt believe it when she told me none were edited! I told her not to touch a thing. They were truly amazing! Thanks Missy for this experience, and i hope to do it again soon!”

Samantha B.

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