One of the most heartbreaking things for me, as both a photographer and a woman, is seeing someone keep themselves from what they really want because of insecurities.

“I’m not thin enough.”
“I’m too old.”
“I look awkward in photos.”

I’ve heard and seen it all at… but it’s time to clear the air.

The truth is, women are incredible creatures that come so many beautiful shapes and sizes. We all hold our own unique beauty within us that shines through when we give it the chance.

That’s why I encourage women to embrace themselves and what they see as “flaws.” Because regardless of features you might not think are attractive, they are apart of who you are.

Your true beauty lies within your uniqueness.

Boudoir sessions tap into that beauty and unleashes it for all that come across those stunning images to witness.

No woman should tell herself no because she feels like she isn’t good enough. That’s why I’m going to share some things you should consider when deciding whether or not a boudoir session is for you.


Confidence is Attractive!


I’m sure you’ve heard this before. But what does it mean?

To put it simply, it’s saying you need to feel your best to look your best. The energy and positivity you put out into the world is shared through your actions. So go out there and let the best parts of you shine through.

You need to wake up in the morning and love yourself. Look at your reflection and tell that gorgeous gal in the mirror just how beautiful she is… because honey, you’re absolutely stunning.

And let’s be honest, there’s nothing more attractive than a woman that knows just how gorgeous she is, so don’t be afraid to show it during your fabulous boudoir session.

And if you’re not there yet, I can promise you that you’ll feel absolutely irresistible by the end of your boudoir session. A boudoir session is an incredible confidence boost and will show you just how powerful you are when you embrace your beauty!

Everyone Needs a Recharge


Whether we want to admit it or not, being such a lady boss can honestly be pretty draining. This is regardless of who you are or where you’re from.

I find that, quite too often, women put themselves on the back burner for a number of reasons. And while we somehow manage to run on empty for what seems like forever, we really shouldn’t be.

Boudoir sessions are definitely a pick-me-up you should consider if you’re starting to feel a little rundown from the stresses of life. From professionally styled hair, to carefully applied makeup, to attentive posing and guiding, your session will be all about making sure you feel incredible

Even after your session, you’ll walk away with incredible images to cherish for so many years to come…the only regret will be not taking the leap sooner!


Size isn’t a Measure of Beauty


Bettie Page. Marilyn Monroe. Elizabeth Taylor.

Three women that didn’t see their curves as a problem, and actually, were loved and adored for them. Your body is unique and one of a kind and that should be celebrated.

From one gorgeous woman to another, I know how challenging it can be sometimes to embrace your femininity. Without realizing it, we wrap ourselves in this shell of negativity, and it’s hard for us to come out of it.

So if you have some flare to show off, feel free to bring all that amazing energy over here. You’re a total heartthrob, plain and simple, and I’d love the opportunity to show you just how incredible you are!

Embrace your body and its curves today! I’d love to get on a call to chat with you about your perfect session, so make sure you schedule a call with me today!


Reminders are a Life Necessity


Over time, it can become challenging to remember how incredibly beautiful we are. And in case you might have forgotten, you are absolutely stunning.

We really do have a tendency, as women, to set ourselves as a low priority whenever life gets hectic.

With everything we have to juggle, it’s understandable that we might be tempted to put ourselves at the bottom of our list of things needs to get taken care of (if we’re even on that list). But you need to stop and show yourself some love because you 100% deserve a day that’s all about you, and nothing else.

Whether you need a bit of a pick-me-up or just a reminder that you’re a total heartthrob, a boudoir session is just what that doctor ordered for that soul of yours.

Sometimes it just comes down to needing a little spark in your life. In reality, no two women are alike, and neither are boudoir sessions! Each experience is entirely unique and holds a different motivation and purpose for each lady that decides to take the leap.

Women sometimes forget how important embracing their sassy and sensual side is, and a boudoir session is a perfect reminder.

Female Empowerment


Magazines show us what we should look like, we tell ourselves we need to meet these standards, and society judges us when we don’t conform.

But who’s making these rules? Who went and decided what beautiful was and convinced us that everyone who looked differently was any less?

It’s time to change the status quo and pave your own path so that other women can do the same. When you accept and love yourself for who you are, you’re showing other women that they can do the same.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, or what you do. You are an incredible woman, and you need to own it! You should feel powerful in your own body ALWAYS.

There are so many reasons why you should have your own session, so don’t let your worries or insecurities take this incredible opportunity away from you!

I know you’ve told yourself no plenty of times in the past, but you are more than gorgeous enough to have your own glamorous boudoir session… and you absolutely deserve to experience one.


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