Amanda K

  How amazing is she? I took a little snippet she wrote in our LADIES ONLY VIP group on Facebook describing her experience with us the day of her session.  “After a few shots in, she shows me a photo and I was like “omg! That doesn’t even look like me.” But it was me. […]

Raven C.

We had so much fun for this session! She was a winner for one of my giveaways and I think she added almost everyone to the group that is in there 😉 She was a natural even though the first thing she told me was that she was awkward and needed direction! I got this […]

Ashley D.

Let me tell you about this hottie… she is the pillar of strength! This girl was down most of the summer, unable to walk many days, with no answers as to why. After months of poking and prodding and missing out on so much she finally got some answers just a couple of weeks before […]