Meet Missy

Hey y’all! I thought it would be fun to introduce myself and tell you random facts about me.  You know, since I’m asking you to trust me to get nakey and let me take your portraits! 

So that is me to the left there. I am usually super casual and look a little more hot mess than this. When you see me I’m usually barefoot throughout your session because I’m climbing on furniture and honestly I’d rather not wear shoes.

But these aren’t even part of the facts so let’s move on! 

Fact #1

I am married to my best friend

And everyone collectively says aww… or barfs a little in their mouth.. it’s a toss up really.

But I’m not just saying that to be cute. This dude really is my best friend. He is my biggest cheerleader (well maybe a tie with my mama). He believes in my big crazy dreams, sometimes more than I do. And I have a lot of them so the man is brave. Without him this business would not exist. I appreciate him more than he will ever know.

So y’all make sure to thank him when you see him… he likes to come hang out at our functions! And he’s pretty easy on the eyes so I’d say I hit the jackpot! I could go on and on but I’ll stop here, he’s likely already squirming uncomfortably reading this. 

Fact #2

We are a perfectly imperfect blended family

We aren’t quite the Brady Bunch but we blend nicely. We have 3 kids total, 2 girls and a boy with a 10 year age difference between the oldest and the youngest.

We got married and I moved in with my boy who is ALL boy and rocked their worlds but I think we have all adjusted.  

Fact #3

I am an eteranl optimist

Sometimes annoyingly so and often to a fault. Some may call it denial but I rather look at it from the bright side!

I choose to see the best in every situation and in everyone.

Does that mean I never get down and out? No, it still happens. I choose not to hang out there long though. The only thing that comes from negative thinking are more negative things.  

Fact #4

I laugh when I am uncomfortable and at the most inappropriate times

I’ve done this my whole life. I try to take uncomfortable situations and make jokes to lighten the mood and make myself feel better. I also make totally inappropriate jokes to deal with really sucky situations. It’s just how I cope, don’t judge me.

It helps that I am fluent in sarcasm and quick with a come back.  You could look at this as a fault but I prefer to see it as a strength.. of course, see the previous fact! 

Fact #5

I almost quit photography last year

True story. I was done. I felt that I wasn’t living my purpose. I wanted to help people and I felt that was what God had created and groomed me for. I have a bachelors degree in Social Work and I was strongly considering going back to school to get my masters and become a counselor.

Thankfully I found a way to combine my purpose and my passion and I get to meet some pretty amazing women and help them every single day to see the beauty that others see in them. Way better than counseling if you ask me! 

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